Caring for your Opal


Australian opal has a typical hardness of 6 to 7 on Mohs scale of hardness from 1 to 10. (Pearl = 3.5, glass = 5, tanzanite = 6.5, emerald = 7.75, sapphire = 9, diamond = 10). Opal is quite resistant but (as is the case with any valuable jewellery) care should be taken to avoid situations where the opal could come in contact with abrasives or be subject to impact. Thick stones are more resilient than thin stones. Your opal will give you a lifetime of pleasure and become a treasured heirloom.


How to Clean Opal Jewellery


1. Put in a glass of water at night and add a few drops of chemical free liquid hand soap.

2. Leave the jewellery piece in there till morning.

3. In the morning brush gently with a toothbrush and rinse.